The La Crosse Area Development Corporation (LADCO) is a private, nonprofit organization that leads the development and diversification of the La Crosse County regional economy through the location and expansion of quality employers and job producing investments, including foreign direct investment, increasing exporting and finding real estate solutions.  We exist to drive the Coulee region’s economic growth, diversification, and sustainability through recruiting new business to the region, helping our local companies stay and grow, and bridging the gap between education and industry to build a sustainable workforce pipeline to employment are also a large part of our economic development focus.  LADCO is supported by its partners (municipalities in La Crosse County and Minnesota, and La Crosse County) and more than 110 private sector investors.  Since 1972, LADCO has assisted companies with their location and/or expansion plans, creating thousands of jobs for Coulee region residents.  The La Crosse area is at a pivotal point in history.  The region is positioned to be a competitive national and global economy and LADCO is invested in driving progress.

Mission Statement 

The purpose of the corporation shall be to actively facilitate and promote economic development and business retention in the Greater La Crosse Area.  This shall be accomplished by focusing on the “triad of development:”  the attraction of industry, the retention of business and industry, and co-management of the Coulee Region Business Center.” 

Our Team

Sam Bachmeier 
Associate Director

Natasha Link
Program Coordinator

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