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La Crosse County offers a variety of programs to help encourage business growth in the region. We have provided the list of them below, for more information visit the La Crosse County website HERE.

Created to allow affordable financing to new businesses, start-ups, and business expansions that will help to create more jobs and stimulate economic growth in the county.  These funds are used for affordable and flexible loans that leverage other private financing and equity investments. To learn more, click HERE.

This fund was created to provide small loans to start-ups and growing small businesses.  These loans are for small businesses that have had difficulty getting access to lending. To learn more, click HERE.

This program was created to assist businesses in acquiring customization consulting to aid in completing innovative projects with the main goal of expanding product lines or markets.  This grant is meant to achieve greater diversification and job growth. To learn more, click HERE.

This program was designed to help facilitate the finances needed for redevelopment in mature La Crosse County neighborhoods with deteriorating housing stock and other housing opportunities. To learn more, click HERE.


The City of La Crosse offers a variety of programs to help encourage business growth in the city. Below is a list of the offered incentives.

The A&E Program provides funding for building owners to assess a building’s structural and mechanical conditions and to highlight any building code issues.

The SBDL assists businesses which have both viable business expansion plans and a demonstrated financial need and can be used for the acquisition of equipment, real estate, rehabilitation of buildings and construction of new buildings.

The UFRL encourages investments to develop underutilized upper floors. Funds may be used for interior renovations, elevators and other related enhancements to make these floors economically viable

The mission of this façade restoration program is to provide grants and low interest loans to downtown property owners for revitalizing the exteriors of their buildings. Properties must be located within the downtown district.

The mission of this façade restoration program is to provide incentives to property and business owners for revitalizing the exteriors of their buildings.

The program seeks to bolster the growth of disadvantaged businesses in order to help alleviate under representation of these enterprises within the community.

The City Of Onalaska will assist in anyway possible to help you find a strategic development package that fits your needs. If you have a project that needs funding and would like assistance, please contact Katie Aspenson, Interim Land Use & Development Director, at (608) 781-9590.

Area banks have collaborated to offer investors low-interest loans for building improvements in Onalaska’s downtown redevelopment area.

The City of Onalaska, in cooperation with the State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce, has successfully implemented several community development block grants for infrastructure necessary for new development.

State of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Fast Forward Program is offering a grant program with awards ranging from $5,000 to $400,000!

This grant opportunity is for employers who can demonstrate a critical need for skilled workers and are seeking grants to help fund training/development.

To learn more, please click HERE.

The state of Wisconsin provides a variety of business incentives. Discover the support WEDC and Wisconsin’s statewide economic development network offer businesses and communities by clicking HERE.

The Site Assessment Grant Program provides grants to local governments seeking to redevelop sites impacted by environmental contamination.

The Brownfield’s Grant Program provides grants for redeveloping commercial and industrial sites impacted by environmental contamination.

This program is to support the retention and expansion of businesses operating in the state of Wisconsin.

The Business Development Tax Credit (BTC) Program supports job creation, capital investment, training and the location or retention of corporate headquarters.

Wisconsin’s Capacity Building (CB) Grant program is designed to help strengthen Wisconsin’s economic development network.

The program provides short-term assistance to businesses affected by disaster events in the state of Wisconsin.

This program incentivizes the expansion of existing Wisconsin businesses or relocation of major business operations from other states to Wisconsin.

Strengthening entrepreneurial communities and supporting new ventures by promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the success of Wisconsin entrepreneurs.

ExporTech helps Wisconsin companies expand their global market reach through targeted export strategy development and execution.

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) are designed to help Wisconsin municipalities support industrial development through the sale of tax-exempt bonds.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program was developed by Congress to assist growing businesses.

The Wisconsin Fast Forward program is designed to help address the crucial need for skilled workers by making funds available for demand-driven workforce training.

The manufacturing and agriculture credit is available to claimants that derive qualified production activities income from property located in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin provides Workforce Training Grants to assist businesses in workforce retention and expansion into new markets and technology.

The Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) is a statewide economic development corporation that provides quality service.

The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) and the WHEDA Foundation, Inc. make available annually grant funds through the Housing Grant Program competition. The Program’s mission is to assist in the improvement of the state’s housing for special needs populations such as veterans, physically impaired or disabled persons, domestic abuse victims, runaways, homeless persons, and more.  For more information on WHEDA and their housing grant program, click here.

The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) and the WHEDA Foundation, Inc. make available annually grant funds through the Housing Grant Program competition.  Since the inception of the Housing Grant Program in 1985, the Foundation has granted funds to over 40% of total requests received.

SBEAP is perfect for businesses that need to find answers about which rules apply or how to get a permit. For more information visit the DNR website here.

Has your business changed in ownership, personnel or operations, and led them to wonder about their environmental risk? Then Enviro-Check might benefit you. This proactive program allows participants to assess their operations and limit their liability through a third-party assessment. Visit the page here.

Are you an environmental powerhouse? Do you work to keep improving their environmental footprint? If yes, then Green Tier might be right for you. Green Tier staff are committed to supporting businesses that know the value of going above and beyond requirements. Boost your productivity and strengthen the health of your community. Visit the page here.

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