County Profile

La Crosse County is located on the western border of the state of Wisconsin on the eastern side of the Mississippi. La Crosse County is home to over 118,000 people and 18 cities, villages, and towns. La Crosse County is the 12th largest county in the state of Wisconsin and offers many opportunities for businesses to expand. There are shovel sites ready to be built, vacancies ready to be filled, and buildings awaiting renovation. La Crosse County hosts numerous activities for people looking to enjoy the outdoors, or people looking to live the city life without the traffic. There are hundreds of trails for biking and hiking, extraordinary bluff views, and plenty of waterways for boating, swimming, and fishing. Our county also offers a flourishing downtown with trendy cafes and delicious restaurants.

La Crosse offers transportation by bus throughout the cities of La Crosse and Onalaska. As well as, bus and train transportation throughout the upper Midwest. La Crosse is home to the La Crosse Regional Airport located in the French Island that offers flights through American or Delta Airlines.

There are many sites that are looking for industrial and manufacturing development in the La Crosse Area.

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